Political Factors Affecting Business

Even the research and development R&D divisions in companies have changed its way of functioning and more advanced techniques in the development of products and services have been introduced only through technological advancements. The political environment can impact business organizations in many ways. You should understand that the political factors have the power to change results. Companies should be ready to deal with the local and international outcomes of politics.

An innovation-driven business, like a start-up company, may require different EO in their management, compared to other forms of business, such as traditional retail. This is a potential area to be explored, owing to the advent of many innovation-driven businesses sprouting from the advancement of the internet, digital, and financial technology. In other words, risk taking becomes the most essential dimension of EO for a start-up firm to make its presence known. The model of the EO impact on business performance has expanded from a simple direct relationship between independent and dependent variables, into a more complex model that integrates mediating and moderating variables. As such, Rezaei & Ortt studied the impact of EO on the functional performance of a firm, instead of studying the direct link between EO and overall business performance.

The objective of this paper is to analyze the factors that influence business performance. Business performance, measured by turnover per employee, can be influenced by internal factors in firms, external economic and demand factors, as well as geographic location and agglomeration. The hypotheses were tested using an econometric model on the basis of micro business data.

IT influences businesses

One area where the impact of technology on business has brought both positive and negative aspects is security. Businesses now need to make significant efforts to secure networks and all connected devices, which often means paying a monthly fee for cloud hosting and top-notch software to keep the equipment safe. This has also opened up opportunities for technology specialists in the cybersecurity arena, where experts are in high demand.

According to Dess and Lumpkin , a firm that takes a risk is making a decision without the guarantee of good outcomes from the action taken, especially when it requires the firm to utilise monetary and non-monetary resources. However, options of not taking any action may also result in unfavourable effects to the business. A business with higher levels of risk-taking propensity is a business that is willing to make a tough decision and commit a significant amount of resources to it, even when positive outcomes of the decision is unknown or not guaranteed.

Economical Influences

Having more focus on the customers, business strategies will certainly prove out to be effective for the success of an organization. Companies that have international operations use such insurance to reduce their risk exposure. Lack of political stability in a country effects business operations. This is especially true for the companies which operate internationally. Federal government deals mainly with issues such as tax, making sure that the taxes are being paid and also things such as how the businesses are running in according to the customs regulations.

IT influences businesses

A leader is often expected to be a visionary for a company, leading it toward increased productivity and profits. Leaders can also influence how business is conducted, within the company, and with customers and clientele. A poor leader can negatively affect a company’s performance and operations, and can be detrimental to business. Rather than just selling consumer goods or services in the local market, small businesses can reach regional, national and international markets. Retail websites are the most common way small businesses sell products in several different economic markets.

Legal Influences

Even casinos had a lot to gain due to the development of technology, now you can have access to the online live casino from the comfort of your home. Instead of paying third parties for advertising in print or electronic media, today’s companies deal with their own information to customers. The result is a low cost that standardizes the playing conditions between large corporations and startups. Certain economic factors can influence business and its trends, patterns and successes. These economic factors may include changes in federal legislation governing small business loans, other capital market issues, overall economic stability in the U.S. and the economic infrastructure pertaining to aspects of your business. For example, if you run an ice cream company, the fluctuating price of milk or sugar may affect how much ice cream you manufacture or how much you charge consumers for your product.

IT influences businesses

Meanwhile, in influencer marketing, the sphere of influence comes in when you have the ability to influence other people in their purchasing decision. Sometimes friends and family are the best influencers, especially for small businesses. For example, the mother of a mechanic who specializes in a particular make of car can help her son get business. In this case, she might mention his expertise to someone who owns that type of car. Or, members of a social club might mention that a different member is one of the best dentists in the area. In business, we think of a sphere of influence as the people who find what we say trustworthy.

Even though political influences may not be the most affective factors onto a business, they still have a pretty heavy impact. For eg whenever a new election Is held, the new government may introduce new policies. However deregulation has also been introduced in the picture in the past few decades, this is the removal of government regulation in industry, and this takes pressure off businesses and allows for a greater range of competitiveness.

Advances In Technology

Additionally, when a business is more in touch with its present and potential customers, the more chance it has to build a strong customer loyalty base. Strategic leaders are constantly looking https://globalcloudteam.com/ for development and updates within the technological environment. In this way, they not only improve their operations but, they will also be well aware of business transformational phase.

IT influences businesses

This sphere includes aspects such as trade, production, and consumption. This sphere includes aspects such as religion, education, and family. Companies must constantly evaluate their models to see how they are being impacted by advances in technology. Entities like MySpace lost control of their market for not being agile enough to withstand technological trends. However, social media companies like Facebook and Twitter have already created mobile platforms to adapt to the shift amongst consumers to mobile computing.

Barnes & Noble created the Nook and an entire online presence to capitalize on the digital era. Businesses must be willing to adapt to technology or run the risk of being left behind. Researchers are interested to investigate the entrepreneurial capacity of firms and have widely tested the entrepreneurial orientation of firms as a measure to evaluate the level of entrepreneurship.

Social Media

This study aimed to suggest possible contextual factors for future research in investigating the relationship between entrepreneurial orientation and business performance. The development of entrepreneurship as a body of knowledge has gained interest among researchers; entrepreneurial orientation has become one of the most reported research topics in the literature of entrepreneurship (George & Marino, 2011). Theoretically, a firm with higher levels of entrepreneurial orientation would probably achieve higher performance. Numerous studies have explored EO’s promising strategic roles for businesses to attain their targeted performance. Although a stream of researchers has managed to support this correlation, other have failed to do so. Having said this, calling for more research is necessary to investigate the remaining unresolved issues in linking EO to business performance.

  • The more complicated our insurance needs, the worse this problem becomes.
  • The study found that professional education, e.g. chef, has a positive impact on performance in restaurant businesses.
  • For that reason, they typically work harder to keep up relationships with existing customers.
  • Robots also help to reduce the amount of boring and repetitive jobs that some humans may have to do.
  • Through available data, companies are able to monitor and evaluate customer trends and their demands for a particular product.

As such, they reported a positive relationship between innovativeness and R&D performance. The same relationship was reported for proactiveness and performance in marketing and sales. However, the relationship between risk taking and production performance reported a negative correlation.

Development Of Research On Entrepreneurial Orientation

This current study also reveals that the performance of each business function contributes to the overall business performance. Consequently, the link between EO and overall business performance would be better explained by integrating the performance of each business function as a mediating factor in the link between EO and overall business performance. This study, therefore, extends the literature by detailing the impact of EO on different business functions, which may become useful if future research will consider the same approach in measuring the impact of EO on business performance.

One example of an unresolved issue is the function of contextual factors, such as internal business aspect, in the relationship of EO and business performance (Rezaei & Ortt, 2018). In reducing the literature gap, this paper aims to highlight the contextual factors, as have been discussed in the literature that may have influenced the relationship between EO and business performance in past examples. Discussing contextual factors of EO that can influence business performance positively is consistent with the direction toward literature expansion.

How Social Media Allows You To Extend And Keep In Better Touch With Your Current Sphere Of Influence

Consumers want the convenience offered by mobile devices; businesses have an opportunity to attract and retain customers by building a presence, promotions, advertising and rewards on mobile technology platforms. These waters are tricky to navigate, and the current economic environment is in uncharted territory, with echoes of stagflation from the 1970s. It is important for companies to employ empathy with customers IT Consulting in Business in their supply chain who are feeling the pinch from supply disruptions and higher input costs while they evaluate decisions to pass along price increases to consumers. These decisions have the potential to push a business into unsafe political waters. The political factors affecting business are often given a lot of importance. Managers must find how upcoming legislations can affect their activities.

He is also the author of 4 sales and marketing books, including Maximize Your Social and the recently published The Age of Influence , a ground-breaking book redefining digital influence. Check out Neal’s Maximize Your Social Influence podcast for marketing inspiration. The sphere of influence in terms of politics refers to the exclusive/predominant control of a state over a foreign territory. However, the term “sphere of influence” is being used differently in other industries. In business, they think of the term as the people whom they find trustworthy and reliable.

The type of business ownership may bring interesting insight for research on EO. A family business may be managed by an individual or several family members, thus, may tend to have a similar entrepreneurial orientation. In contrast, a non-family business may be managed by multiple top management members from a diverse background, thus, may create inconsistency in EO. For instance, in studying the effect of EO on business growth, Craig et al. reported that the findings for family and non-family businesses were expressively different. In addition, the topic of family business is considered a less-visited study area for EO (Yu et al., 2019).

These moves will be echoed on Capitol Hill with draft legislation and nearly weekly hearings on the economy. A CNBC poll finds 81% of Americans are specifically worried about a recession hitting this year. Firstly, started FRID retail technology and added FRID tags to its product range. For example, Siemens and Boeing are hugely investing in the adaption of 3D printing technique for product designing. They believe that this will accelerate the designing process, reduces production cost as well as improves the effectiveness of designing. Our academic experts are ready and waiting to assist with any writing project you may have.

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